Supporting Pastors

In the Western world, we have bibles on our phones, hotels and hospitals. In northern Uganda, most people come to church to read the bible if you have one. They are hungry for the Word of God. One in three Pastors do not own a bible in Northern Uganda. 90% of the congregation do not have a bible and rely heavily on the pastors bible.  For $11, we can give a bible to a pastor. Over 250 churches are under mango trees, and pastors do not receive payment. Most congregation live below the poverty line.

We have the opportunity to encourage the local churches in Northern Uganda to evangelise their communities by donating bibles. Islam has been aggressive in this community and taken advantage of the poor community by giving the Koran and food free. They have persuaded the lukewarm Christians and converted many. We can build a church in the local community for $60,000.

Businesses and individuals can take advantage of our tax deductible status and support a community or a village. We can buy a tractor for $70,000 that will feed a school, church members and generate an income for the pastor.

We were also made aware the pastors don’t get any pay in Uganda due to a belief that the pastor’s position is a ‘calling’. Hence the pastors struggle to provide for their families and often unable to send their children to school. Therefore we are providing pastors with bulls at $400 each and ploughs $200 for each. Further, the pastors are in high demand and expected to attend to families in need around the district. The pastors can walk by foot up to 75 kms in a day to attend funeral services, baptism and pray for the sick. We  are supporting pastors with bicycle at a cost of $200 per bicycle.