Acholi Resilience

Sustainability Program

Farming presents a great opportunity for Acholi Resilience for its financial support and viability. This is because farming remains the main source of livelihood to nearly 80 percent of Ugandans. The economy of Uganda depends on the export of agricultural commodities within Africa. Acholi Resilience has tapped into this opportunity for its income and sustainability. Therefore, we have decided to be one of the main farming businesses in Uganda, and we believe that this will help with solving the recurring costs. Our main activity is commercial farming as traditionally this community only engage in subsistence farming. However, due to climate change subsistence farming is no longer viable due to rainfall delays and increasing temperatures. The following activities have happened in 2023 1. We acquired a farming land of 200 acres. 2. Purchased a tractor

Next step
1. We are clearing the land and building a bridge to access the land. We need $24, 500 to complete this activity.
2. We are also building a storage facility and a garage for keeping the farm tools and tractor. We have a bill of quantity (BOQ) of $70,000.