How Can You Help the Acholi People?

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Your donation is making a difference!

In Uganda, the parents are expected to part part of the employment of local school teachers, but due to the extreme poverty in Northern Uganda, this is simply impossible.

You can sponsor a teacher for $150 a month.

Uganda is small country but it has harboured a number struggles over the years. Right now the wonderful country of Uganda faces many struggles and tribulations.

The victims of nodding syndrome have no one but you.

How far does each dollar go?

  • $50 feed 30 children a day
  • $200 pays incentives for two health workers a month
  • $150 buy a plough for a family, and
  • $400 buy a cow for a family.


Acholi Resilience relies entirely on volunteers to operate as 100% of all our donations go straight to support the beneficiaries.

As a volunteer, you can enjoy the beautiful Acholi culture and the ecotourism.