Acholi Resilience

Employees and Volunteers

We work with volunteers only!!

Operational Manager

Richard Komakech is our operational manager. He represent the director when Moses is out of Uganda. Richard is a Veterinary Officer and assist with procurement and management of oxens and cows provided to the beneficiaries.

Office Assistant

Betty Atim


Joel Kilama

William Opoka

Angela Opoka

Pamela Adokorac

Betty Adiyo

Vicky Ayoo

Nighty Lawil


Grinding Machine Operators

Michael Omoya 

Otto Luturo

Joel Kilama

Field Officer

Welborn Akena is our Field Officer. He is responsible for the Teachers, Cooks, Village Health Workers, Grinding Machine Operators, Herdsmen and Ambulance driver


Job Oroma



Nighty Lawil: Head Cook


Churchil Okech

Alice Adoch

Michael Omoya


Village Health Workers

Joel Otto: Akwang County

Job Oroma: Kitgum Matidi 

Okema Richard: Okidi County

Ben Lokoya: Ambulance driver 

Daniel Otto is responsible for videos and photograhs editing

Craig Clark from OnTrack Tasmania is responsible for website development

Josiah Otto is reponsible for videos and photographs editing