Acholi Resilience is continuing to repair broken down boreholes through the community. The US Aid has built boreholes within 5-10 km in the entire country. However, they have not trained the locals in Northern Uganda how to repair broken down bore holes. Hence most of these boreholes have broken down and the locals have returned to drinking the dirty and infected water causing Bilharzia (parasitic worm) having the most devastating effects on children – evident with swollen stomachs and thin limbs. To repair a borehole costs $1,000.

Most schools in Uganda do not have clean drinking water. The current borehole at the school compound was broken-down with the school unable to provide funds to repair it. And thus, children had no access to clean drinking water, instead they were back drinking dirty water from the local river and stream.

Acholi Resilience is pleased to announce that three boreholes, one located at Lapana Primary School and the other two at nearby locations have been repaired. These boreholes will provide clean drinking water not just for children attending the school, but also to the community in the nearby villages.