who we are

Our Vision

At Acholi Resilience, we are dedicated to helping in any way we can:


To restore the Acholi people’s dignity, pride, wealth, health and education.

Our Mission


To take action on the causes of poverty and social injustice by advocating and supporting the most vulnerable and marginalised Acholi People to transform their future.

Our Objectives

  • To care for the most vulnerable Acholi people such as orphans, widows, person with a disability and aged care.
  • To empower Acholi people to take positive and progressive change for their own future.
  • To promote a peaceful and respectful environment for all Acholi people.
  • To motivate Acholi people to be involved in the economic fabric of Acholiland and to work hard to provide for themselves and their family.
  • To act with honesty and integrity.
  • To be transparent, accountable and responsible for our actions.

Our Story

As a child growing up in Kitgum Uganda, I was always disdurbed by fear of war, uncertainties and poverty. Instinctively, I had a feeling in my heart that one day I can do something about these disturbances in me. Little did I know, God was laying a burden on my shoulder for my people. 

Well, 30 years later my wife and I became the founders and the directors of Acholi Resilience. We are supporting the victims of Nodding Syndrome, providing clean drinking water, and improving the learning environment for primary schools. We are also committed to supporting the pastors, their family members and their congregation.

My greatest joy is having a supportive wife and my children join me on this journey. I am confident the future of Acholi Resilience is secure. 

As a health professional loaded with God’s wisdom, my experience in health and community development in Australia is influencial to our work in Uganda. I am also blessed by the surprising amount of support we receive continuously from known and unknown sourses, which has kept us on our feet. Thank you to God for the relentless blessings and His goodness to us. 

Our Vice President, Beatrice has been pivotal to our work on the ground with a wide open arm support she has provided to the victims of Nodding Syndrome over the years. In the heat and peak of Nodding Syndrome, she loaded a bus full of emanciated disabled children suffering from regular seizures and brought them to the Mulango National Referral Hospital for treatment. That is when Nodding Syndrome first received the national attention. 

Helping Orphans

What we Do

Our Cause

Acholi Resilience has been advocating and supporting vulnerable and marginalised Acholi People in Northern Uganda for over 10 years.

Our vision to restore the dignity, pride wealth, health and education of the Acholi people in Northern Uganda. Acholi Resilience is on the forefront advocating and supporting the victims of Nodding Syndrome (NS).

We believe that the Acholi people themselves are the agents of change and actors of their own development.

Their goal is to reach as many as possible with the resource they have.  They have already progressed so far; acquiring a tractor, a 200 acre farm, and beginning the process of developing a road to access the farm


Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming positions Acholi Resilience to be a sustainable organisation, provide jobs for the vulnerable and continue outworking their mission of supporting vulnerable and marginalised Acholi People in Northern Uganda.



Farming Projects

Finance is the largest barrier in completing this project. Their farm is surrounded by a river that can be accessed by foot, but not by vehicle, including their tractor. To continue working on this project, Acholi Resilience are in need of a culvert to cross a river, and a storage and housing compound for security, and farm workers.

Your support would provide the resource to bring this sustainable project to fruition, and long-term, lead to more farms just like this.

Join our mission. Volunteer. Donate. Advocate. Pray. Get Started Today.