Acholi Resilience

Acholi Resilience is at the forefront of advocating and supporting vulnerable and marginalised Acholi People in Northern Uganda, hence the name Acholi Resilience. We believe that the Acholi people themselves are the agents of change and actors of their own development. 


Raise $350,000 for the Sanctuary of Hope Accommodation and $250,000 for Sustainable Farming.


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Medical Aid

  • Providing emergency rescue services to reduce the effect of seizures and prevent death from burns.
  • Emergency food for starving victims.
  • Supporting field care workers with supplies and means of transport.

Sustainability Program

  • Farming remains the main source of livelihood to nearly 80 percent of Ugandans.
  • Building storage facilities.
  • Supplying tractors and tools.

Supporting Pastors

  • 1 in 3 Pastors do not own a bible in Northern Uganda.
  • 90% of the congregation do not have a bible.
  • $11 will give a bible to a Pastor.


Nodding Syndrome

Nodding Syndrome (NS) is largely unknown around the world. Majority of people especially outside of Uganda have never heard of NS and are unaware of its devastating consequences to the victims. Nodding Syndrome causes children to waste away.

A debilitating medical condition that affects cognitive ability, causing cerebral palsy, decreased physical ability with no emotional and or social ability to interact.

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