Acholi Resilience

Supporting Pastors

We have the opportunity to encourage the local churches to come together and pray for their communities. We believe as we encourage the pastors to stand in unity and pray for their city, they will also be able to become more effective in reaching out to the Nodding Syndrome families and others suffering in their community.

We were made aware the pastors don’t get any pay in Uganda due to a belief that the pastor’s position is a ‘calling’. Hence the pastors struggle to provide for their families and often unable to send their children to school. Therefore we are providine pastors bulls at $400 each and ploughs $150. Further, the pastors are in high demand and expected to attend to families in need around the district. The pastors can walk by foot up to 75kms in a day to attend funeral services, baptism and pray for the sick. We  are supporting pastors with bicycle at a cost of $150

During the current COVID19 Pandemic, we have been able to pay for radion brocast for the pastor to conduct live services. This impacted the entire Northern Uganda communities as many were able to have church services from home.